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Belt-to-Belt Tether System to use between Two People; $27.99 and Up

Belt-to-Belt Tether System from

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If you need a simple method to keep your child by your side, our Belt-to-Belt Tether System is the perfect solution.

The Belt-to-Belt Tether System is ideal for keeping everyone together when walking through parking lots, shopping at the mall, visiting crowded theme parks, traveling through busy airports, or visiting foreign countries.

The Belt-to-Belt Tether System is intended for children who are neurotypical, or for children with special needs such as Autism or Down syndrome who DO NOT require the high level of security provided by our Child-to-Adult Safety Harness.

As with all our products that Elaine has designed, the Belt-to-Belt Tether System was developed in response to our customer's requests. Elaine has made a number of belts with tethers over the years; one of them being for a father of a 7 yr old boy with Autism. The father was considering a harness, but the more he described his son's behaviour, the more it became clear that a harness was more equipment than the boy needed. Elaine suggested a belt with an O-ring suspended from it and 3 tethers of different lengths; a 4 foot tether for the Dad to use when walking on the sidewalk, and two longer ones (a 10 foot and a 20 foot tether) for the park. Each tether had a snap hook at the end to attach to the O-ring on the boy's belt, and a hand loop at the other for the Dad to hold.

Since then more orders have been made, including a Belt-to-Belt Tether System with a Locking Buckle on the child's belt and the tether as a Tie Down for a 10 yr old boy with Down syndrome, and a Basic Belt-to-Belt Tether System for parents of a 7 yr old neurotypical girl in preparation for their extensive trip abroad. Given the number of requests we have had over the years for these belts, it was high time to add a new page to our website!

Description of the Belt-to-Belt Tether System

Belt-to-Belt Tether System from

As with all our products, we use top quality polypropolene webbing and USA-made buckles and sliders. Re-inforced stitching on all seams ensures strength and durability.

Both the child's belt and the parent's belt are adjustable with plenty of extra webbing to make them longer, and to wear on the outside of heavier clothing or winter coats. You should really only need to purchase ONE of these systems to last you as long as needed.

The 4 foot tether is long enough to give your child some roaming room but short enough for them to walk beside you without (hopefully!) having excess webbing drag on the ground. Slip the small loop end of the tether onto the child's belt. Their belt should be comfortable and a bit loose. This will allow the tether to slide easily on the belt and allow the child to walk in front, beside, or behind their parent.

The other end of the 4 foot tether has a large hand loop which the parent can either hold or slide onto their own belt, allowing them to use the Belt-to-Belt Tether System "hands-free".

The "hands-free" option is particularly useful when the parent has another child to carry, a stroller to push, shopping bags to carry, or luggage to pull.

Available in black, navy blue, pacific blue, red, and purple, and mixing of colours is usually the norm!

Basic Belt-to-Belt Tether System, $27.99

The basic Belt-to-Belt Tether System includes;

Customize your Belt-to-Belt Tether System, $27.99+

There are a number of Accessories that you can add to your order to increase the security of your Belt-to-Belt Tether. Keep in mind that your child WILL ALWAYS have access to the buckle on their belt. If you are concerned they will remove their belt against your wishes, then this product IS NOT for them! They MUST be in one of our Child-to-Adult Safety Harnesses instead.

Belt-to-Belt Tether System from

You can add a number of options to your Belt-to-Belt Tether System so it better suits your needs;

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        include a floating O-ring to hang on Child's belt, $3.99
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        add snap hook at child's end, $4.99 (belt MUST then include floating O-ring, $3.99)
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Tether as a Tie-Down, $5.99
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Additional Tethers. They can be any length you like. Please state length and colour of each, e.g. 2.5 ft = black; 7 ft = pacific; 4 ft = purple; etc. NOTE: All tethers will be made in the same style, e.g. if you request a snap hook above, all spare tethers will be made with snap hooks.
Chair/Stroller strap, $11.99
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