Child Safety Harnesses for your baby, toddler and older or special needs child.

Accessories: Buckle Covers

Child-to-Adult Safety Harness, Autism Harness with buckle covers

Buckle Covers, $3.99 each

The Child Harness and the Child-to-Adult Harness buckles at the back. For most children, especially toddlers and younger children, this feature alone is enough to prevent them from removing the harness. For older children and teens diagnosed with autism or ADHD who are wearing a Child-to-Adult Harness, having the buckles at the back may not be enough to prevent them from attempting to remove their new harness. In these cases, buckle covers may be the answer. They are easy to use and very effective.

The buckle covers are difficult to remove from the harness because the velcro wrap is very sticky. To make the buckle covers even more effective, put them on the buckles "backwards" by placing the opening of the wrap against your child's back. When the Child-to-Adult Harness is fitted on them properly (snug but not tight), there is little or no room for determined fingers to manouver the cover open.

Buckle covers increase the security of the Child Harness or the Child-to-Adult Harness and are very easy to use:

a Child/Toddler Harness         a Child-to-Adult Harness

To attach the Buckle Cover to the Child Harness or Child-to-Adult Harness

The pictures below show how to attach the buckle cover to the harness buckle:

Are Buckle Covers necessary?

Your Child Harness or Child-to-Adult Harness will last you for years. Will your child try to reach the buckles now? Will they try in future?

If you know these covers are not sufficient, consider ordering your Child-to-Adult Harness with Locking Buckles instead of our regular buckles.

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