Child Safety Harnesses for your baby, toddler and older or special needs child.

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Our number is 1-905-884-5307, except during the Summer (end of June to beginning of September) and the last 2 wks of October, when we can be reached at 1-519-422-2365.

Elaine makes each and every one of our harnesses and we sell exclusively through this website.

If you are surfing the internet and happen across someone using pictures of our harnesses and/or exerts of our literature to sell a "Child Safety Harness", e.g. on a website in China that sells bulk toddler harnesses, or a website that sells items for persons with special needs, please know that we did not grant permission for those postings and we do not endorse them.

We do sell to Medical Supply Companies who take the time to review our products carefully with the case workers, therapists and the family. Medical Supply Companies place their orders through this website just like everyone else.

Buying a Safety Harness may be simple, it may be complicated. We get that. We have answered some of the more common questions on our FAQ page:

but if you still have something to ask, please use the form below. We are also using this form to take orders for our Sweatshirts so let us know what you would like.

If you are including a picture with your question, you have to email us directly because attachments cannot be added to the form below. The address to use is elaine '@ symbol'

If you prefer to call, our number is 905-884-5307 (Canada).

We will reply as soon as possible. IF YOU DON'T HEAR BACK FROM US it is because you gave us an incorrect email address and no phone number. You can type about a paragraph, anything longer may get truncated.

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