Child Safety Harnesses for your baby, toddler and older or special needs child.

Our Customers

Safety Harness with Autism Dog

"Way back when" began in 2006, the majority of our customers were buying our Child Harness for the very same reasons that I had found it necessary to design something new in the first place; some of the other harnesses hadn't work for them, just like they hadn't worked for me.

Thankfully, a large number of our customers are buying the Child Harness as their first choice but there are still find a number of customers who are buying to replace another design.

The biggest change in recent years has been an increased demand for the Child-to-Adult Safety Harness.

Well over 50% of our business is attributed to our Child-to-Adult Safety Harnesses for larger toddlers and persons with predisposed medical conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, a combination of both, Down Syndrome and many other neurologic disorders. has been mentioned by others in a number of forums and groups and every day a proportion of visitors to our site are referrals from those discussion boards.

Child-to-Adult Safety Harness

Besides the numerous families who have ordered from, our customers include:

99 Community Organizations
90 Schools and Independent School Districts
4 hospitals
a growing number of Medical Supply Companies and
a Not-for-Profit Group.

Our Customer's Blogs

A number of our customers have their own blogs describing their amazing children as they journey through life together. Tell us your address and have your link added too.

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Special Projects

Frequently Elaine is contacted by someone who needs a special piece of equipment that they have not been able to find elsewhere.

These Special Projects are always exciting and interesting and it's wonderful to be able to help these families in a unique way.

In these cases, Elaine works closely with the family or social worker exchanging emails and photos and suggestions to understand their needs and together decide on a design that will hopefully work for the person wearing the harness as well as the parents or caregivers.

Prices vary according to the complexity of the project and the agony and torture endured to make it.

Here are some examples of Special Projects ~

Safety Harnesses with "Walking Wings" or Side Support Straps

Safety Harnesses with "walking wings" or side support straps to support children with neurologic disorders.

In one case, the little boy fell all the time and needed constant hands-on support from his Mom. He had outgrown his infant Walking Wings and could only walk when his Mom was behind him, holding him up by his hands.

Child-to-Adult Harness with side support strapsChild-to-Adult Harness with side support straps

In the other case, the 6 yr old girl had to be held up by 2 caregivers, one on either side of her. Both caregivers were suffering from back pain since they were constantly bending to her height during the 8 to 10 hours a day they were with her in school.

In both cases, the harnesses had side support straps that could be attached to the top chest strap of the harness.

The little boy gained a huge degree of freedom because he could actually "walk on his own" while his Mom held his weight with the support straps (which was also much more comfortable for her).

The side support straps on the harness for the 6 yr old meant the 2 caregivers were able to hang onto her without constantly bending.

Since the introduction of our permanent handle, customers who suffer from drop seizures order their Child-to-Adult Harness with that accessory and these side support straps are no longer made.

Harness and crotch strap for a baby whose Mom is in a wheelchair

A Child Safety Harness is particularly useful when Mommy has a disability, like this Mom who was in a wheelchair. She had a 6 1/2 month old son who she wanted to be able to lift onto her lap.

Child Harness with crotch strapsChild Harness with crotch straps

She had been searching all over for some type of harness that she could use to lift him safely and when she found, she thought that one of my Child-to-Adult harnesses with a double crotch strap would do the trick.

The double crotch strap looped over the bottom chest strap at the back of the harness. This gave the Mom more options for positioning; the crotch straps can circle the baby's legs (as shown) or the straps can be put together in the centre and loop over the bottom buckle, spread apart at the front. Diaper padding and proper positioning of the crotch straps ensured no pressure points on sensitive areas between the babies legs.

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