Child Safety Harnesses for your baby, toddler and older or special needs child.

Child/Toddler Safety Harness

Child/Toddler Safety Harness, $39.99

Child Harness, Toddler Harness

If you are looking for a top quality Child Harness with the durability to withstand more than one tantrum then look no further. Our Child Harness is simple to use and comfortable to wear with a long lead to allow for plenty of exploring. No bulky animal backpacks means this harness is easy to tote along and use whenever your toddler wants to walk instead of ride.

Child/Toddler Safety Harness

This Child Harness is the harness of choice for very small children. You will get years of use from this Child Harness if you are buying it for a baby or small toddler. Adjust the length of the chest strap and shoulder straps to fit over winter layers and growing bodies. The detachable lead makes the Child Harness conveniently versatile; put the harness on your toddler under their coat so when you arrive at the mall and remove their jacket, just clip on the lead and go.

Key Features of Your New Child Safety Harness

Child Harness, Toddler Harness

Visit our YouTube channel to watch a short video where I show you the Child Harness and demonstrate how to use it with your child.

The Child Harness is small, functional, effective and very comfortable for your child to wear. Each Child Harness has the following features:

The Design of Your New Child Safety Harness

This Child Harness is Elaine's design; it is her invention. No other Child Harness on the market is similar to this one and there are 3 key factors that set it apart from the others:

Child Harness, Toddler Harness Child Harness, Toddler Harness

1. Physics. The lead attaches to the Child Harness ABOVE the child's centre of gravity. All other harnesses on the market have the lead attached below the child's centre of gravity (usually to a waist strap), increasing the likelihood of them landing face first when they pull on the lead.

2. Physiology. The chest strap circles the child's rib cage (the strongest part of their body) and not the soft organs of their stomach. All other harnesses on the market position the "chest" strap around the child's waist.

3. Child Development. A long 5 feet 8 inch lead that allows freedom and exploration of interesting objects on the ground; something that is not possible with the 2 1/2 foot lead length that is typical of every other harness on the market.

The Child Harness has the following additional features that were critical to me as a mother who would be using the harness for years with my own boys:

Child Safety Harness Cost

The Child Harness ($39.99) comes with a detachable lead. Provincial sales tax applies to Canadian orders. Shipping is extra, as usual, and a very small handling fee covers a portion of our packing costs.

Detailed Description of Your New Child Safety Harness

The Child Harness is a small harness that is functional and effective. Place the Child Harness over your toddler's head, do the buckle up at their back and off you go. It's simple, easy to use and STRONG. Your Child Harness is:

Thinking of ordering a Child Harness?

Child Harness, Toddler Harness

A $10 harness from a local box store or e-Bay may be perfect for your child, it may not. So why spend $39.99 + shipping & handling ordering a Child Harness here? Who can afford to spend more money than they have to?

I'm a big believer in comparison shopping, doing my research and trying to get it right the first time.

Unfortunately I couldn't use that strategy when I first wanted a toddler harness because there was no selection - I had to choose between a harness I didn't like or nothing at all. I chose The One I Didn't Like, it broke, and the rest is history (as they say).

Obviously we would love it if you ordered from us but ultimately it's more important that you try to make the right choice the first time and not waste money on the wrong product like I did and many of our customers have done.

Would the Child-to-Adult Harness be better for your toddler?

If your toddler has a chest measurement of 20 inches (51cm) or more and a shoulder-to-waist measurement of 10 inches (25.5cm) or more, our Child-to-Adult Harness will likely be a better fit for them.

This is how a red Child-to-Adult Harness looks on a normal 2 1/2 yr old with a chest measurement of 21.5 inches (54.5cm) and a shoulder-to-waist measurement of 10 inches. This is how the Child-to-Adult Harness looks on him from the back.

A Note about children with Special Needs

If you have a very young child with a diagnosis such as Autism, Down Syndrome, or another neurologic disorder, our Child Harness will be fine for them if their chest measurement (around the torso under their armpits) is 19 inches (48 cm) or less. The Child Harness will provide all the security you need while your child is still small.

If your special needs child has a chest measurement of 20 inches (51 cm) or more regardless of their age, please consider our Child-to-Adult Harness instead. The Child-to-Adult Harness is much more appropriate for children with special needs, especially as your child grows.

Be sure to ask if you have any questions. It's important that you get the right harness to suit your needs for as long as your child needs to wear it.

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Child Harness for Baby/Toddler, $39.99 with 5 feet 8 inch standard length lead
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Lead as a tie-down ($5.99)
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Chair/Stroller strap ($11.99)
2nd Chair/Stroller strap ($11.99)
Universal Medical Symbol tag ($1.99 each); Number of tags ordered
"Child with Autism on Board medical details OVER" car window sign ($6.99 each); Number of signs ordered
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