Child Safety Harnesses for your baby, toddler and older or special needs child.

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Products for autism and other special needs. Proud employer of persons with autism.

My Precious Kid

My Precious Kid - "Child Safety Made Easy" Child Safety Products and Baby Gear Store. Child Safety, Cloth Diapers & Safe Baby Products. Owned and operated by Kay Collins Green, a very lovely lady. Be sure to check out Kay's blog for safety tips and advice.

Attention Deficit Resource Network

(from their website):"The Attention Deficit Resource Network or the A.D.R.N. is a volunteer, not for profit, community group, striving to increase the knowledge and understanding of Attention Deficit Disorder.
We strongly encourage networking among parents, educators and professionals through workshops offering information and support provided by professionals and experienced parents.
Although we are based in York Region (Markham), we welcome anyone with an interest in children with AD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder with/without Hyperactivity)."

Your A-Z Resource for Autism online store.

Persons with Disabilities Online

(from their website): “Access to services and information for persons with disabilities, family members, caregivers and all Canadians.”

Autism Society of America

(from their website): “Autism Society of America’s (ASA‘s) history and mission are grounded in its grassroots efforts to empower individuals and families to educate and advocate for themselves and their loved ones. In addition, ASA is active in the public policy arena and encourages our members to take action on important issues through Action Alerts on our website and in our online newsletter.”

Christian Moms in Business

Christian Moms in Business

Multiple Births of Canada

Multiple Births Canada (MBC) is a national non-profit organization serving the needs of multiple-birth families. MBC's mission is to improve the quality of life for multiple birth individuals and their families across Canada . MBC provides support, education, research, and advocacy to individuals, families, and organizations with a personal or professional interest in multiple-birth issues. Our website includes online sales of MBC publications, support network information, recommended readings, forum discussions, volunteer training, chapter locations, clothing sale dates, and much more.

I'm In Here - The Anthem for Autism