Child Safety Harnesses for your baby, toddler and older or special needs child.

Information for Community Organizations, Schools and ISDs ordering a Child-to-Adult Harness for Special Needs (Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome)

Safety Harness with Autism Dog

We currently have 167 Community Organizations and 150 Schools as customers across Canada and the USA. Some have credit cards and pay for their harness immediately through PayPal. Some need to generate a Purchase Order first, then send their payment by cheque. Whatever procedures your organization has in place, it is easy to work together to make sure you receive your harness as quickly as possible and worry about the paperwork later.

See our Testimonials page, 'Child-to-Adult Harness - Customer Reviews' (about half way down the page) to read teacher's comments about the harness in the classroom.

1. If your Community Organization, School or ISD has a Credit Card for online purchases:

*Note* that we do not accept credit card numbers over the phone, through email or in our office. We deal with PayPal only.

If your Community Organization/School/ISD has a credit card to purchase the harness through PayPal: Child-to-Adult Harness

2. If your Community Organization/School/ISD requires a written Estimate to generate a Purchase Order:

Child-to-Adult Harness

Our Vendor information

Please enter the vendor name as Children's Harnesses by Elaine, Inc. in your system.

The Corporation Number and Canada Revenue Agency tax number will appear on your official Estimate and your official Invoice.

W8 (not a W9)

If your office needs a W8, please ask and a completed one will be emailed to you.

Note that the W9 is for companies located in the USA. Since we are a proud Canadian company and therefore considered international, you will need a W8 instead of a W9.

Sole Source Letter

The Child Harness and the Child-to-Adult Harness are Elaine's own designs. They are made and sold exclusively through this website.

If your School or Community Organization is restricted to purchases within the USA, a Sole Source Letter may allow you to order from

Please email us for a signed copy of a Sole Source Letter.

Other Forms

Each organization is a little different and may require additional paperwork in order to set us up as a vendor in their system. Over the years we have provided/completed;

as well as all tax numbers. We do our best to make sure we can work together so the student or child under your care can receive their new harness as quickly as possible.