Child Safety Harnesses for your baby, toddler and older or special needs child.

Why I designed my own Child Safety Harness

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You can watch a video of me describing my Child Harness and the benefits of my design.

I designed my own Child Harness because I felt a new and realistic approach to children’s harnesses was required to address the shortcomings of some other harnesses on the market.

In my opinion, a "safety" harness that does up in the front, or has a lead that the child can reach around and detach themselves, or is made with stitching that may not withstand more than a few tantrums is not very "safe" and not a product for me.

But toddler harnesses are difficult to find and when my husband eventually found a leather one, I used it with limited success.

a Child/Toddler Harness

a Child-to-Adult Harness

I didn't like the store-bought leather toddler harness...

On that fateful day when I was struggling to fit the harness over my son’s jacket, the wrist strap came apart in my hands and I saw him undoing the harness, I knew it was time to take action. We had spent money on a product that I had not liked from the outset and hadn't lasted as long as I needed for even one of my children.

Features I wanted in my own Safety Harness

This wasn't rocket science! I just wanted a basic toddler harness that would keep my boys safe and be easy for me to use!

Problems my customers have had with other toddler harnesses

A number of my customers have spent money on other toddler harnesses before purchasing one from me. Some of the stories I have heard include:

Whose Safety Harness should you buy?

You know your child better than anyone and you know how much security you need in a safety harness to keep your child safe.

If you think about your child's behaviour, then look at the features and durability of an inexpensive harness from a local store, you will know if you can or cannot trust that harness to keep you and your child together.

An inexpensive harness with a 2 1/2 foot detachable lead that attaches to your child's back with a plastic D-ring and a plastic snap-hook may be perfect for your needs, it may not.

Recently a father told me the lead on the animal backpack harness he was using with his 3 year old son broke when they were descending some outdoor metal stairs. His son fell face first down the stairs, broke his nose and his face was a mess.

Of all the stories I have heard from my customers about inexpensive harnesses coming apart at a bad time, this one had to be mentioned.

Our Child Harness is not cheap. But it will last you for years and it will last you for more than one child.

But most importantly, you know it's been made by a Mom who understands that it's critical to be able to trust the strength and durability of that harness ALL THE TIME.

You can read more about the features of our Child Harness and how to put on the Safety Harness if you would like more information.

Order your Child Safety Harness

Do your research. Take a few minutes to look at other designs and their prices and what you get for that price. If you've finished your homework and ended up here, so much the better!