Safety Harnesses for Autism, Special Needs, Baby and Toddler.

ORDER a Safety Harness to use with an Autism Service Dog

Safety Harness with Autism Dog

PLEASE NOTE: Tethering your child to your service dog means that YOU MUST have control of the dog AT ALL TIMES. If your dog bolts, your child will be dragged along behind. assumes no responsibility or liability associated with use of any of our products, tethers included, since YOU are responsible for YOUR child at all times.

Safety Harness to use with an Autism Service Dog, $104.99

If you know that your child will easily remove their Waist Belt Tether System when connected to their autism service dog then this Safety Harness is the product you need.

This Safety Harness has all the features of our Special Needs Safety Harness with an added slip-knot style front lead (tell us the length you want) that extends from the chest of the harness to the autism dog's collar. Your child will still be able to "independently" walk their autism dog if they wish using the lead provided by the training academy. A separate lead for the parent attaches to the back of the child's Safety Harness so it can be used as a regular walking harness when the dog is left at home.

Use this order form regardless of your child's age or chest measurement.

ORDER a Safety Harness to use with an Autism Service Dog

Step 1 - Order a Safety Harness to use with an Autism Service Dog
Child/Person's age in years
Autism Dog Harness, $104.99 (includes First lead 5ft 8in for parent to hold, and front tether to attach to dog)
        Specify length of front tether to dog (4, 5, or 6 feet)
        First lead, standard length (5ft 8in) made WITH snap hook (usual option)
No Yes
        First lead, standard length (5ft 8in) made WITHOUT snap hook (increased security)
No Yes
        First lead; Alternate length if different from standard (5ft 8in)
Second lead; with/without snap hook as specified above ($10.99)
No Yes
        Second lead; Alternate length if different from standard (5ft 8in)
their chest measurement under armpits (required for invoicing)
in cms
their shoulder-to-waist measurement (required for invoicing)
in cms
Female Male
        If female, chest measurement above breasts (required for invoicing)
        Her chest measurement under breasts (required for invoicing)
        Bra size (eg. 34B)
2nd Harness to use with Autism Dog, 10% discount on whole order
2nd Harness same options as first
No Yes
If No, please specify difference in text box
2nd child/person's measurements same as first?
No Yes
If No, please give 2nd child/person's age, chest measurement and shoulder-to-waist measurement in text box (required for invoicing)
Step 2 - Accessories
Permanent Handle sewn to back O-ring ($7.99)
No Yes
Chew toy attachment ring on shoulder strap, $3.99
No Yes
Locking buckles instead of regular buckles ($3.99 each)
No Yes
Lead as a tie-down ($5.99)
No Yes
Chair strap ($11.99)
2nd Chair strap ($11.99)
Hands-free Parent-to-Child Tether ($29.99)
        parent waist measurement (required if hands-free is ordered)
in cms
Removable Crotch Strap ($9.99 each)
        number of crotch straps
1 or 2
Universal Medical Symbol tag ($1.99 each); Number of tags ordered
"Child with Autism on Board"; **SOLD OUT**
"Person with Special Needs on Board medical details OVER" car window sign ($6.99 each); Number of signs ordered
For Schools and Community Orgs
Shipping & Handling for USA orders only (International orders are Airmail, w or w/o tracking);
Step 3 - Contact Information
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