Safety Harnesses for Autism, Special Needs, Baby and Toddler.
Baby Harness, Child Harness, Toddler Harness


Baby Safety Harness, $39.99

You can watch a video that shows you how to put the Baby Harness on your toddler, and the benefits of this unique design.

USE THIS ORDER FORM for a little kid who is;

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Use our Special Needs Safety Harness order form instead.

ORDER a Baby Safety Harness

Section 1 - Order a Baby Safety Harness
Toddler's age (generally 2 yrs or younger)
Baby Harness, $39.99
        Would you like a longer/shorter lead? If so, specify lead length
Spare lead at 5 feet 8 inches ($9.99)
No Yes
        Would you like a longer/shorter spare lead? If so, specify lead length
2nd Toddler's age (generally 2 yrs or younger)
2nd Baby Harness, 10% discount on whole order
2nd Harness same options as first
No Yes
If No, please specify difference in text box
Section 2 - Accessories
Permanent Handle sewn to back O-ring ($7.99)
No Yes
Locking buckle instead of regular buckle ($3.99)
No Yes
Lead as a tie-down ($5.99)
No Yes
Chair strap ($11.99)
2nd Chair strap ($11.99)
Hands-free Parent-to-Child Tether ($29.99)
        parent waist measurement (required if hand-free is ordered)
in cms
Universal Medical Symbol tag ($1.99 each); Number of tags ordered
"Child with Autism on Board"; **SOLD OUT**
"Person with Special Needs on Board medical details OVER" car window sign ($6.99 each); Number of signs ordered
Shipping & Handling for USA orders only (International orders are Airmail, w or w/o tracking);
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