Safety Harnesses for Autism, Special Needs, Baby and Toddler.

Accessories: Locking Buckles

Locking Buckles, $3.99 each

Locking buckles on a Special Needs Safety Harness

The Baby Harness and the Special Needs Harness buckles at the back. For most children, especially toddlers and younger children, this feature alone is enough to prevent them from removing the harness. For older children and teens diagnosed with autism or ADHD who are wearing a Special Needs Harness, having the buckles at the back may not be enough to prevent them from attempting to remove their new harness. In these cases, locking buckles may be the answer.

Locking buckles, or cop lock buckles, need 2 hands to open. The buckle is pinched top and bottom as usual but an additional tab on the buckle must also be pressed before the buckle slides open. The tab is small and lies flush (so it's not obvious and you can't feel it) which makes this manouver a little tricky even when you are holding the buckle properly in your hands. For your child, opening this buckle at their back up between their shoulder blades with their hands upside down when they can't see what they are doing should be a difficult feat indeed.

These locking buckles will replace the locking carabiners that we had been using so successfully in the past. We were not able to re-order the locking carabiners so an alternative had to be found. We are sincerely grateful to one of our Facebook fans who told us about these locking buckles, they have proven themselves time and again and have been a fantastic addition to our line of Accessories.

Locking buckle, double lock buckle

You can still order our Buckle Covers to fit over these locking buckles if you have a real Houdini on your hands and you want the maximum level of security with your harness.

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Are Locking Buckles necessary?

Your Special Needs Harness will last you for years. If you are buying for a 4 or 5 year old, they may not try to remove the harness now, but will they try when they are 6 or 7? If you are buying for an older child, they may try to undo the buckles when they first start wearing the harness but give up when they don't succeed and not bother trying again. In either case, locking buckles would be a good idea.

Having your Special Needs Harness made with locking buckles grately increases the security of the harness. And if you would like to have one more trick up your sleeve, our Buckle Covers will fit nicely over top.