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Permanent Handle at back of Special Needs Safety Harness

Accessories: Permanent Handle

Permanent Handle, $7.99

You can have a permanent handle sewn to the back of your Baby Harness or Special Needs Safety Harness.

Use the permanent handle at any time to keep your child close to your side, for example, when walking from the house to the car, walking in crowded locations, travelling on the bus or walking through medical centres when attending therapy sessions.

The permanent handle gives you a safe and secure method to grip the harness without causing damage to the harness or putting stress on any of its components.

The permanent handle is sewn to the O-ring at the back of the harness with 2 rows of reinforced zigzag stitching to provide all the strength and durability you need.

Permanent Handle at back of Special Needs Safety Harness

The permanent handle does not interfer with the lead when the detachable lead is connected to the O-ring.

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Permanent Handle: Tried and True

Elaine had been making Special Needs Safety Harnesses with handles at the back for years. It was a popular request by Special Ed teachers who needed a means to keep the student close to them when walking the halls, changing classrooms or during therapy sessions when the student was learning to walk beside their caregiver. The handle was also particularly useful for parents and caregivers of customers who suffer from drop seizures.

Then a Mom in Singapore order 2 harnesses for her children but she said she had to be able to keep her children right by her side as she travelled through the city. Adding permanent handles to her Special Needs Safety Harnesses was the perfect solution.

After making her order, Elaine thought the rest of our customers might be interested in having their Special Needs Safety Harnesses made with a handle at the back for exactly the same reasons.

Parents were grabbing the harness anyway (as a means to keep their children by their sides), but instead of grabbing a shoulder strap or chest strap and potentially damaging the sliders, they can grab the permanent handle instead.

Since the Permanent Handle was added as an Accessory to the order forms, approximately 9 out of 10 Special Needs Safety Harnesses that we make have a handle at the back. It is by far the most popular Accessory offered and well worth the additional $7.99 in cost.

The permanent handle does not interfer with the child's activities. This little girl in the purple harness is 5 years old. Her Mom submitted this picture of her daughter climbing on the play equipment at the park.

Permanent Handle at back of Special Needs Safety Harness Permanent Handle at back of Special Needs Safety Harness