Safety Harnesses for Autism, Special Needs, Baby and Toddler.

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Special Needs Safety Harness. Child-to-Adult Safety Harness. Special Needs Harness. Autism Harness

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Price List

10% discount applies to your entire order when you order 2 or more harnesses. Shippin & handling is extra, as usual.

Item   Cost
Baby Safety Harness     $39.99
Spare lead for Baby Harness is 5 feet 8 inches long     $9.99
Special Needs Safety Harness
less than 26" chest     $69.99
26" or greater     $89.99
Spare lead for Special Needs Safety Harness is 5 feet 8 inches long     $10.99
Child Safety Tether to use between 2 people     $27.99 and up
Waist Belt Tether to use with a Service Dog
Regular Waist Belt Tether     $22.99
Weighted Waist Belt Tether     $24.99
Safety Harness to use with an Autism Service Dog     $104.99
Permanent Handle sewn to back of any Safety Harness     $ 7.99
     $ 3.99 each
    $ 5.99
     $ 9.99 each
     $1.99 each
     $6.99 each

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Your order will be shipped from Canadian postal code L4C 3C9 in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

If you are in Canada, your order will be shipped by Canada Post and the shipping cost depends on the destination postal code so you (or we) must use the Canada Post rate calculator to figure out your charges.

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If you are in the USA you have the option of using airmail (no tracking), courier.

If you need your harness within a certain period of time, we highly recommend you select the option of "Shipping with Tracking" when you place your order. This courier service is fast, reliable and not too expensive.

Shipping times to the USA

Shipping without tracking is regular airmail. Delivery is supposed to be "within 2 weeks" but it can be any length of time up to and exceeding a month. If your package is not received within 45 days, Canada Post will initiate a trace. If your order is lost, both of us lose because Canada Post no longer reimburses for lost packages.

Shipping with tracking is a ground courier service that partners with UPS in the USA. Depending on your zip code, your order will be delivered to you within 3 to 5 business days. This is not a guaranteed service and they are 'allowed' to deliver late, but that rarely happens.

Overnight courier is a guaranteed service. They are exceptionally reliable, and in the past 9 years have only delivered late on 3 occasions.