Safety Harnesses for Autism, Special Needs, Baby and Toddler.

Strength of materials used to make your Safety Harness

Special Needs Safety Harness, Child-to-Adult Safety Harness. Special Needs Harness. Autism Harness

All our Safety Harnesses are for walking and helping to support your child in their chair, stroller or wheelchair but like any parent, we know the strength of a 4 year old throwing a tantrum.

Many of our customers tell us that their child has broken a toddler harness in the past. In some cases, the parents tell me their child has broken every toddler harness they have tried. Our favourite line to date: "We got him an animal backpack harness, it lasted about an hour."

The frustration and the danger of being disappointed by the quality and durability of a toddler harness that you thought you could trust is real. It was that very frustration that lead Elaine to design her own Safety Harness in the first place.

The stitching method that is used on our harnesses is boardering on excessive. Reinforced zigzag stitching on all the seams makes sure we have complete and utter confidence in the strength and durability of every harness made. We aren't saying that our Safety Harnesses are unbreakable, but we are confident that the stiching won't come apart!!

Where possible, we have obtained strength data from our suppliers for the materials used in our harnesses.

Polypropolene Webbing

Some toddler harnesses on the market are made with nylon webbing which is very soft and very nice to the touch.

However, nylon webbing is extremely slippery and having a Safety Harness that may slip and slide out of shape when the child pulls is not exactly ideal.

The polypropolene webbing has enough texture to it to keep it's shape in all sorts of situations. Of course it's the sliders on the harness that prevent the slippage, and the sliders in combination with the texture of the polypropolene webbing keep the Safety Harness from sliding out of shape and therefore securely fitted on your child.

All this depends on you fitting the Safety Harness snuggly on your child in the first place. A proper fit is critical. Loose pants won't fall if you're standing still, but take a few steps...

Black, Navy Blue, Pacific Blue, Red polypropylene webbing

Welded metal O-rings

Metal Snap Hooks

ITW Nexus 1 inch (25mm) Classic Side Release Buckles used on Chair Straps, Waist Belt Tethers, and Hands-free Parent-to-Child Tether

Stealth 1 inch (25mm) Side Release Buckles used on Baby Harness and Special Needs Safety Harness

Sliders (Sliplocks) 1 inch (25mm)