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Independent Reviews and Testimonials from Customers who bought Child Harnesses or Special Needs Safety Harnesses

Special Needs Safety Harness with crotch strap on an 8 yr old

Providing an exceptional product with the best customer service we can deliver is the foundation of this business. It's never "just a harness", it's something that is made by Elaine and has her name on it. You are trusting us to provide you with a quality product that will keep your loved one safe and we understand the responsibility of accepting your trust.

Many people take the time to thank me for their new harness. The most common feedback I hear is "Thank you for the harness Elaine, my child has so much freedom now!". As one Mom told me, she no longer has her daughter in a death grip all the time anymore.

Thank you to all our customers who share their stories and provide such wonderful feedback about how their new harness has impacted their lives and the lives of their children. There are many more stories and comments on our Facebook page.

If you would like to share your experiences or have a photo posted in my Photo Gallery, you can email us your comments and pictures.

Baby Harness - Customer Reviews

This Mom did an exceptional job of summarizing the experiences of so many of our customers who spent money on a store-bought harness before buying one from

"Hi Elaine, I have to tell you that before I committed to buying one of your harnesses, I picked up one from a department store (for $10) to see if I thought it would be good enough. The only two they had had obviously both been opened & re-taped closed, and once I got it home I saw why. The construction was really cheap, and on top of that, one of the clips where the tether attaches to the harness was already broken. And the tether was so short that my daughter wouldn't be able to go anywhere. I had researched & come across your harnesses before buying the other one, and seeing how poorly it was constructed sold me on yours! I'm excited to give it a test run. Thanks!
Hi Elaine, Our harness arrived yesterday, thank you! And the moment I took it out of the package I could tell it was WAY better than the first one I bought. Even though you said on your site that your webbing isn't as soft as others, it's actually softer than on the other harness, I was pleasantly surprised (I wasn't concerned anyway because I figured there would always be clothes in between). We gave it a quick test run around the living room today & my daughter thought it was hilarious that Mommy kept trailing along behind her! Then I'd stop and she'd pull a bit, and then sit down in fits of giggles. I think this is going to work out great! We'll keep practicing so that by the time we have to go to the airport maybe she won't sit down every time she gets to the end of the line. Child Harness, Toddler Harness Child Harness, Toddler Harness I got a full refund on the other harness, so no problem there. I will definitely recommend your harness to my pregnant & already-with-kids friends! Thanks,"
Sabina, Ontario

And this Mom does a great job describing how simple the harness is to use - she ordered a 7 foot lead for her daughter's harness:

"Hi Elaine!..... just a quick note to say how much we love your harness!!! I can't say enough how delighted we are with your product!! It fits our daughter wonderfully, so easy to put on our daughter. We put it on her just to run around the house and get used to it just one afternoon and she really didn't take any notice of it. We took her out to the mall the next day and it worked beautifully, she was comfortable and the design is so easy to put on and we love the length we chose is perfect for her to roam a little with out disappearing within seconds, we have a runner!! :) Thanks again Elaine, I can't express how thankful I am as a mom with having this peace of mind knowing my child is safe with us no matter where we go now having your harness with us.
I have suggested your harnesses to all my friends and even a couple of my siblings who are now considering harnesses for their children. I cannot praise your harnesses enough!
Thank-you so very much!!!"
Carrie, Ontario
"p.s God bless your mom!! She's doing a wonderful job!! :)"

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate using the harness you made. I don't know what I'd do without it!
Rae, Ontario

The harnesses were perfect for our trip to Disney world. They gave our children the freedom that they needed and us the security that we needed. They loved wearing their 'tails' and we just put them on in the morning and took them off when we got back to the hotel in the evening. Thank you!
Christina, Ontario

As a senior citizen, this harness has enabled me to enjoy outings with my grandson without concerns for his safety while walking along busy streets or his wandering away while in shopping malls.
Ann, Ontario

This is by far the best harness Iíve used for any of my three children. It is strong, attractive and helps keep my children safe.
Diana, Ontario

I like my pink harness.
Isobel, Ontario (3 years old)

Special Needs Safety Harness - Customer Reviews

Special Needs Safety Harness on a 6 yr old

[School review] Hello all - I did a re-visit this morning to check out the harness in action. In doing so I met with Kathy and other staff using the product. The overall feedback was positive regarding the product and it's use by staff. Kathy was insightful enough to ask her staff to hand write some notes as to the pro's and con's of the harness. The easiest way to do this is for me to write what the staff wrote in terms of their feedback:

"The harness allows you to let the student walk independently but still remain in control. The student who uses it is a "runner". The harness allows the worker to give tactical cues, a slight tug on the lead, to send a sensory message that is needed. The harness helps when the student unexpectedly drops to the floor and he needs to get up. It covers a different area on the body then the gait belt. It helps to educate the student to send the message to "stand".

Overall the staff have identified more positives then negatives with regard to the usage of the harness. Also - they recognize that for other students, the currently used gait belt may be more appropriate to use. The only identified negative is the perception that the lead strap can be perceived as a leash which is not the case.

I wanted to share this with all listed above in this email as it appears that the harness overall is a success story and I believe Craig has plans on purchasing a second one. I also wanted to plant a seed as if in the future, Teachers Aides or Para-professionals working in other school departments with students who may challenge them physical and have the potential to cause an injury or harm, may choose to obtain information regarding this Child Walking Harness as it appears that [this] is a testimonial to it's positive usage and outcome.

Thanks to Kathy and her staff for a great follow up visit this morning and for taking the time to document their experience with this product so that others can learn and benefit from their experience.
Shawn, Rhode Island

Hello Elaine :) Today I received my harness for my 6 year old son, Nikolas who has low functioning autism and a severe intellectual disability. I immediately put it on him and was really surprised how easy and fast it was! We didn't leave the house today, I thought I would see how he coped with it first. He loved it! It's similar to the sensory affect of a weighted vest. I will post more photos when we use it outside the home but I just wanted to say a big thank you from all the way down in Australia and God bless :) Also my younger girls (aged 4, 3 and 1) were very jealous and wanted one for themselves! We are all excited about going out as a family together. Normally it's a nightmare and my husband and I are constantly on edge and he often has to run after Nik while I stay with the pram and girls. I've never gone out with all the children without my husband, so I am very much looking forward to some freedom!
Vanessa, Australia

Very Happy Customer. I was not sure about using a harness with my child. But in the last month we have gone to the store shopping, to the zoo also baseball games. He loves it. He wants it on all the time. He brings it to me even before he potties in the morning. He is non verbal so the lead is a way for him to tell me he wants to go somewhere. In 12 yrs we have never had that. I am very happy and i wish I would have got one of these years ago. I feel much safer going places. He does not even try to run when he is wearing it. thank you so much. I feel like we have a normal life now and he can come along everywhere we go.
Mendy, Texas

Hi Elaine, We received the harness very quickly. It came to my Dad's house on Saturday the 26th. We used it yesterday to go for a walk and it worked perfectly. Marshall doesn't seem to mind wearing it since it does not constrict his arms. The hugging fit around his chest / underarms is good for "pressure" so A+++++++++++++++. Great product!!! This will give us the freedom to get out of the house without constant fear of him getting away and getting hurt. We can all relax and carry on with some of the basic joys of life. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Julie, Randelman, North Carolina

Beverly wrote this on my Facebook wall but I couldn't help reposting it here:

WOW! We got the harness today! My daughter and I could not believe how fast ! Zeemie let us put it on and he took to it like a duck takes to water!;) We are some happy campers! I love being able to have a "handle on him and he like having his hands free! It was a great help to be able to keep him safe and having to carry his carseat from the car to his house. THANKS! We will definitely recommend your service to others! I know too that his teachers will love it!

We'll have our on a leash any day to keep him safe from running into the streets and hundreds of other unsafe, dangerous situations! Others' opinions mean nothing to me- they aren't suppose to love my Babygrand the way we love him. Plus you know what they say " Opionions are like "behinds" everybody got one and they all stink! Love Love Love our harness!
Beverly, Natchez, MS

I am a teacher of students who have special needs and I ordered a harness for a student of mine who runs away (fast) from staff. We have been using Elaine's harness for about 3 days now and it is providing much more security for my student and those who are working with her. Also, I was very happy with the way Elaine communicated with me by email, responding quickly that she got my order and then that she had sent it. Thank you so much!
Mary, Redwood City, CA

Hi Elaine! Not sure if you remember us, but you sent us a black custom made harness for our 5 year old son, Yaakov this year. WE LOVE IT!!! We have been able to take Yaakov with us on many family outings without being worried if he is uncomfortable. He is so happy and free in it and able to explore. It has helped our family tremendously! We have a situation.....we are on a frantic search, but we think his harness may have been thrown out!!!! :( We are so sad. We are going to do another thorough search in the morning when it is light out, but right now it looks like we need to order a new one. We are going to Disneyland next week and are so so sad we won't have it. We were just sitting around saying how different this trip will be for him without his new harness :( I was wondering if we need to remeasure him or if you have him on file still. Please let me know dear. Thanks so much and a Happy New Year to you and your family!
Shifra, California
Hi Elaine! My husband just found the harness!!!!!! We are so happy! Oh the power of prayer!!!! I am going to make him his favourite cake!! Thanks again and Happy New Year :)

Hi Elaine,
We are back from Disney. We had a blast and the harness was so great to have. I tied it to my belt loop and had peace of mind that he would always be right beside me. He loved the freedom it gave him too. He is used to always being led by the hand everywhere so he was so happy to be able to walk ahead of me. He was dancing and giggling the whole time. He LOVED IT! I I attached a quick 6 second video of him walking and dancing on the harness at Disney. I am not sure if it will open for you so let me know because I want you to see it, it's really cute how happy he was :) Thanks again. The design of the harness is genius! :)
P.S. I attached a picture too of him wearing the harness at Disney. We are going to use the harness today for a walk around the neighbourhood soon (lucky us it's sunny and 70 degrees outside - sorry don't mean to rub it in) The harness has so many uses, like now we can go visit grandpa without me having to chase Sam all over his house. I can just put the harness on :) God Bless You - You certainly are doing His work :)
Happy New Year,
Jessica, Florida

"You can tell your readers that I am satisfied the harness is quite comfortable to wear for long periods of time because I wore it. It is also quite secure when adjusted properly. Carol and I are both satisfied your harness will work exactly as you advertised. Tonight, I showed Dave the harness while I was wearing it. He thought it was cool! I asked him if he would like to wear it and he was quite enthusiastic. So Carol unlocked the harness, took it off me, and together we put it on David, making sure it was adjusted properly before showing Brian, the weekend caregiver, the way it works. After David put it on, he said he liked it a lot. There was no troubles trying to get him to put it on."
Floyd, Machesney Park, IL

"Wow!!!! The first time I used my harness was on a spur of the moment car trip, about 1 1/2 hours away, with my son and mother. The destination was a small community in Ohio, that has antique shops and quaint stores galore. I was basically going to give my son something to do, as he loves car rides. As soon as I put the harness on him, I knew that we had made the best purchase we've made yet. It allowed us the flexibility of not having to hold onto his hand, and he enjoyed the freedom of being able to walk around himself. We use the harness every Sunday morning at church, to keep him from running off. My son has challenges with impulsiveness and takes off running without warning. In all cases he runs, runs, and keeps running until he gets where he wants to go. In 99% of the cases he's put into harms way, because he doesn't know to watch for cars, etc. This harness has given me a peace of mind and my son freedom, in a safe manner. I'm so happy that I stumbled upon your website. Keep doing what you're doing."
Jill, Ohio

We are parents to a lovely teenaged boy with ADHD. Because our boy is a bit bigger than the average child you might put on a harness, we have searched all over to find the right harness for our son. And at Elaineís website we found what we were looking for.
Jason can now not get in any danger when we are out with him. Like every teenaged boy, there are some moments he doesnít like to be harnessed but if it keeps him safe ... thatís better than saying sorry.
Erik, The Netherlands.

Elaine, I am happy to give you information on your harness and the dramatic changes in this family because of it. It has made a huge difference for them - they are now able to take their son out into the community without the worry of him running away. It is very well made and easy to use. I would be happy to recommend it to any family that has the need of a harness for their child now or in the future.
Mary, Case Worker, Oregon

Iíve got the best harness in the world. When I first got it I didnít like wearing it, but now I love my harness. I never get lost and I donít have to keep holding hands all the time and its comfortable to wear. Big kids and little kids should wear a harness because you are never too old to be kept safe. And I love the colours.
Tyler, Australia, Age 9

We recently purchased a harness for our eight year old son to find that with the clips at the front, and very limiting size our son quickly was able to take it off when ever he felt like it. A friend of ours introduced us to Elaine and we purchased a harness and it fits so well my son says its very comfortable and will ask to wear it. Thank you Elaine for helping us to keep our child safe.
Paul, Australia